Unisex, Gender Neutral. Change the world

This is the post excerpt.


Gender neutral, Unisex. whatever you choose to say – its playing on my mind. Toys and clothes shouldn’t have a gender, they should be for ALL children.

As an Aunty + Friend of many with children, I spend hours each month finding gifts. That time balloons at Christmas! As a quirky, bohemian, feminist I’ve always been passionate about finding gifts which encourage little humans to challenge gender stereotypes.

I steer away from frilly pink clothes, and blonde-haired barbie Dolls – and I aim to buy Tonka Trucks for all, anatomically correct dolls for both sexes, and books which challenge kids to see women in leadership roles.

I thought I’d share the brands and products I find, to open unisex gifting to all. To enable all the parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents to buy our little humans gifts (heck- why not make that an every day habit) which encourage them to be open minded and diverse adults.

We can all help change the world.


Author: #crazyladyadventure

Adventurer, spirited, funny, female solo motorbiker

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